American whiskey continues to thrive at the forefront of popular culture. Recently, Tom Bulleit, founder of the Bulleit Distilling Company, was in the region promoting the brand that uses the 150-year-old bourbon recipe that had been passed down from his great-great grandfather Augustus Bulleit.

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There is a revolution in the hotel business in Singapore. A move away from the standard, one-size-fits-all hotel room to an artistically-themed cocoon. What you sacrifice in space, you make up for in fascinating design, convenience, restaurant and location. (And you still have breakfast, a safe, mini bar, TV and free WiFi).

Every so often, the aficionados of fine distilled spirits are surprised by something new and different. They will be delighted with the latest: The Macallan Rare Cask, which its makers describe as ‘decadence redefined.’ And what sets this drop apart from the others?

The oldest of the great cognac houses last year commemorated its 300th anniversary with a unique blend. Martell & Co. has spent three centuries challenging the boundaries of its own expertise and their latest creation – the limited edition Martell Premier Voyage – has pushed those boundaries to a whole new level.

It takes chutzpah to suggest to an owner that his hotel should be themed after desserts. It probably takes even more for an owner to agree. But the owner, Dion Chandler heartily agreed, so came the redesign of the iconic Adelphi in Melbourne. Note the licorice allsort stool.