The Lamborghini Asterion Lpi 910-4


Asterion is a concept car with a Plug-In hybrid power train that was specially designed to reach Lamborghini’s goals.

The new Asterion offers a solution which significantly reduces CO2 emissions using currently available technologies, yet still provides the promptness, drivability and exceptional power of a Lamborghini, and even has an exceptional range of 50 Km on the battery alone.

The glittery Blue Elektra color of the Asterion and the innovative lines of its stylish look reflect the technology incorporated into the vehicle. Designed by Lamborghini Centro Stile, the Asterion is unmistakably a Lamborghini, but is clearly different from the brand’s current line of super sports cars. The Asterion pushes the envelope with a surprising, innovative appearance that emphasizes curves and sensuality, with smooth transitions from panel to panel and few sharp edges. The result is a pure, straightforward design.

Lamborghini has chosen Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) technology for the Asterion LPI 910-4. Thanks to this solution, the Asterion can nimbly handle urban driving under electric power only, yet those looking for excitement can also enjoy the unique driving experience of a Lamborghini with a powerful aspirated engine.

The pure, minimal, modern style chosen for the interior of the Asterion reflects the character of the exterior. The two seats are positioned higher than in Lamborghini super sports cars and allow comfortable everyday driving, but are also great during extreme performance and handling. The extensive use of leather in Bianco Celaeno (ivory) and Marrone Attis (brown) introduces luxury and elegance directly into the Asterion driving experience, as does the use of special materials such as aluminum, forged carbon fiber and titanium.

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